Crop Protection Solution

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The soul of quality, R-16 Ray.

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Agricultural Intelligent Management Platform

Agricultural Intelligent Management Platform can interact with ground stations to help users view real-time status of equipment, progress of work and land information. If there is an accident during operation, the platform management center can respond quickly, and provides the best solution according to the error data.

Skycam 1200 Mapping UVA

Skycam 1200 Mapping UAV can be applied to many applications: land planning and mapping, water resources detection, agricultural and forestry resources survey planning, geographical conditions survey, urban 3D modeling, and geological flood and waterlogging disasters.


Tianxiang Agriculture

Innovate the agricultural technology

Improving the agricultural efficiency

Tianxiang Mapping

Precis geographic information collection and data analysis.

3D modeling

Tianxiang Institute

Pilot teaching, agricultural business set up coaching.

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Crop protection, medical emergency rescue, aerial tour.